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Velvet heart

"Be better than English mastiff English mastiff can only"

English mastiff - the giant among dogs, an alive antiquity. Despite of the furious past (the British nobility had a good time, setting mastiffs on bears, lions and even elephants), mastiff - a quiet dog, the good partner in life. Then, during epoch Tjudorov and Stjuartov there was a custom to give the criminal sentenced to execution the grinded stick, a bib from a leather, a short sword, a board and to lower on it a fighting dog. Cases. When the criminal managed to avoid a penalty - are unknown. Modern mastiff possesses outstanding security qualities: force, power, composure, do not give chances to the ill-wisher. In Britain where even jokes intellectual, have created a dog the cleverest, understanding the owner from a half-word and from a half-sight. It is necessary for that who gets mastiff for the first time to know the following: these dogs possess excellent health, but demand competent feeding and correct walks.

For mastiffs a rich diet and a plentiful diet (pair meat, cottage cheese, forages, berries and vitamins) - norm. At home mastiff it is benevolent to everything, carefully concerns to children and pets, it is tender and even it is lazy. So, if on forces - take English mastiff.

: Maximova Elena Valerevna