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A lion - tsar of all animals, mastiff - tsar of all dogs

Large dogs, namely moloss have subdued me for a long time. At us there lived the St. Bernard, 3 mastiffs, mastino - napoletano. English mastif have interested, have bewitched the greatness. And I have lighted up, seeing in exhibition rings of these powerful handsome men (and as to the expert they should be judged both in Moscow, and in other cities of the Commonwealth of Independent States).

Mastiff jokes intellectual have been deduced in England, where even. This dog is clever, proud, strict and selflessly betraid to the owner. Presumably it is descendants moloss the fighting dogs who have got to England by the trading ships still up to the Roman gain. When Romans have landed on British isles, they were frightened of the sizes of dogs which they had to meet there. English mastiffs were much larger than the moloss ancestors, in fight they directed horror at enemies. Not casually them so often used in operations. And their hybrids with the Spanish mastiff helped to win New Light. English mastiff - one of the largest breeds of dog, the absolute champion among dogs on weight. So, it is solved - we get the puppy! Have chosen nursery (the American-Dutch blood), have agreed about the price, enough considerable, and have gone. Day when the striped miracle has lodged at us, have remembered all. Not being confused at all a terrible kind seven-year mastino and indignation of a red cat of breed Scottish - fold, we mastiff has proceeded in the house, was thriftily passed on rooms, has looked, that lays in bowls, has sighed and has remained to live.

Owing to 18-years experience of cultivation and the maintenance of greater dogs to me it was not complex kid Bill. The same who gets mastiff for the first time, it is necessary to know the following. Dogs of huge breeds demand competent feeding and correct walks. That you will put in pawn in a dog in first two years, with that and you will live. For English mastiffs a rich and plentiful diet - norm, here you will not save! Every day - cottage cheese, crude meat or a stomach beef, dry forages, sour-milk products, vegetable oil, vitamins, top dressing for the skeleton, two times in a week of an egg, in small amounts of groats, greens, fruit and vegetables. I shall result the Bill's diet with 4 up to 15 months. Daily: 0,5 fermented baked milks or kefir; 1,5 kg of cottage cheese; 300 forages; 2 kg of meat without bones. But when at the Moscow international exhibition us have asked: " you from a class of champions why earlier we did not see you? " - I am proud answered: " No, we - junior ". And to be proud is than: in 15 months weight - 94 kg, growth - 80 cm, volume of a breast - 110߼, volume of a skull - 75 see the Important role play walks: 2,5 - 3 hours per day, quiet and measured, extreme jumps are dangerous for growing mastiff.

At home mastiff it is benevolent to everything, carefully concerns to children, it is tender and even it is lazy. Our four-monthly Bill, not understanding, that it in the size from the adult Rottweiler, asked " on handles ". Small puppies it is breeds it is impossible to name "destroyers" - for all period of growth our Bill "has eaten" only the laying. The corner of a window sill, in the "dog" room for some reason has still suffered, can be that in first three nights, being afraid of " children's unexpectedness ", I closed it in this room. But it was constant in the morning all purely and chilly, it suffered before walk. Sometimes, however, happened that "small" " greater unexpectedness " - well to whom does not happen, has played in the afternoon. But it has very quickly passed, mastiffs - very clean dogs. It is necessary to tell, that during becomes the adult , about one year, English mastiff can be obstinate, but your problem - to become the leader and always to insist on the . Our Bill too did not pass age obstinacy, but in time "having seized" it in 8 months, we have taken some lessons of obedience from the club trainer. So have managed to call ours "the small cow" for the order.

One-and-a-half-year-old mastiff it is already very thin feels your opportunities and frameworks legal. Its rude "man's" games with our 13-years son or with mastino - a show, worthy stadia of Ancient Rome. However when it walks with me, any sharp jerk aside, sedately strides, collecting the admired exclamations. On the character mastiff - a quiet dog, the good partner in life. But angry mastiff becomes aggressive and unrestrained. English mastiff is deduced for protection, persecution of an animal, hunting for an animal (so the English nobility had a good time), and to this day this breed one of the best security: force, power, composure do not give chances to the opponent, the ill-wisher. It was hard to us to find the trainer for our "kid". At the first start-up one-year-old mastiff the candidate for the teacher, happened, sufficed the load, and refusing to continue employment, it was let to run away. Such was two. The third man growth of 190 cm, works with it only in the reinforced suit in weight of 20 kg and in a helmet with a metal visor. So, if on forces, take mastiff, this happiness - to have such friend, in fact " be better than English mastiff English mastiff " can only.

: Maximova E.V.
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