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Unsuccessful day or "Live and learn"

On Saturday in stadium in Sokolnikah there passed an exhibition of dogs "Fauna" and a monopedigree exhibition. I mastiff, Garik and Hjugo, have been written down. The livestock mastiffs is presented at a good level. It was interesting to compete. Examination the skilled expert with the huge experience and knowledge - spent Homasuridze R.R.

Garik has acted adequately - 2-nd perfectly, good description. Especially to it only and other dogs in a ring were more senior than 9 months on half a year. Turn Hjugo- a class of Champions has approached, we begin movement on a ring, and I with horror feel, that to a dog "is not run", movements held down, there is no speed! The same the expert marks also, its words: " At you very beautiful dog, but at such movement remains without an estimation ".

What has occured? And here that - before an exhibition at Hjugo it was viscous, bitch not untied, the dog is much larger than it including bodies of duplication, the dog up to the end yet has not cooled down, everyone were under "impression", clamped back legs.

Whether after a ring I have asked a question to the expert can be viscous is connected with such behaviour of dogs, Revaz Revazovich have answered, that is connected on a straight line, and during first time can even be: " Partial paralysis" is its words.

So, my friends - "live and learn", in fact I with such did not collide. And now as the cynologist I advise also to you - choose or "weddings" or exhibitions, all the time!

And at Hjugo - the big future. It has won all breed from 17 dogs in the World championship, Moscow the Crocus of City. Scottish expert George Baxter has noted, that it judges many years in many countries of the world and my dogs can win on any rings (the club represented 11 dogs and all two days they left in Best).

The description is applied: " Good type. A massive, volumetric dog with sufficient skeleton, an excellent breast, good forms of a head with hardly a dryish muzzle. Weak movements of back legs, in movement metatarsus and touch heels each other. "

Success to you, friends,

: Maksimova Elena